Getting Fatter?

We've all read it in the press, seen it on TV or are prefectly capable of using our eyes when we're out and about. The rise of obesity across all ages is easy to see but difficult to pinpoint all the reasons why.

Whether it's sugar? Fat? Increased allergies to foods? Lack of exercise? Or maybe a combination of some of them. It can also depend on your genetic makeup and your lifestyle habits.

We're creating this site to offer inspiration, motivation and tips on getting active and helping you to find out how to seek a healthier lifestyle. With exercises, tips and general advice from a range of qualified sources, we're also going to help with how you exercise and how you can create a workout that will work for you.

The Need For Exercise

There's actually more reasons than people think to the importance of getting your trainers on and getting out there whatever the weather - in whatever form you do it.

From the acutely obvious "getting fit", to helping to reduce the number of long term chronic illnesses (like diabetes or heart disease) through to reducing the likelihood of depression. Exercise is like a wonder drug - with no need for a pill. Maintaining exercise is also key to managing and controlling so many day to day issues to do with our body and mind.

What Can You Do About It?

Whether you're a seasoned professional or thinking about some fitness for the first time, the beauty of getting fit is that it can be cheap, is accessible wherever you are (rigs or boats included!) and you can fit in 10 - 15 minutes whatever time of the day or night you have available.

Starting out can be as quick and simple as putting on some suitable trainers (or comfortable shoes) and walking to the corner of your street and back - just make it a bit quicker than you normally would. Increasing the pace of your walk will mean your heart has to work harder to provide your muscles with what they need. It's that simple! This could just the first step of many that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Of course if you have done sport or fitness before, then it's about grabbing the moment and getting out the door to the gym or racquets club, going in your garage to get on your rower or just lacing up those running shoes and going for a jog round the block.

What's In A Workout?

A workout is a specific exercise, or set of exercises, that you perform using a range of muscles.

Whether a cardio, strength or functional exercise, you may become out of breath or start to feel your muscles 'tighten up' as you perform the exercise as the muscle starts to fatigue or tire.

Repeated exercise of the same set of exercises will help to build the muscle strength and stamina allowing you to perform more exercises or lift heavier weights over time.

We're here to provide an indepth route to just one part of that equation - the lack of exercise in society.

In Summary

What's coming is a site that will help to give you ideas, simple options and maybe even some solutions to how, why and even where you can go to lose some weight, manage your weight or even just to get a bit fitter to help with your healthy lifestyle.